Asynchronous Image Loader

Hi, I’ve been looking for this everywhere, found some posts, but were very difficult because they were not posted in a proper way, also found Victory (Rama) plugins, which can load an image but it is synchronous.
The thing I want to do is as follows: Since I am working for live TV shows, and games for TV, I need to display some pictures on the screen, whew those pictures can be any picture, and sometimes a picture that I received few minutes ago. I usually use Ventuz Technology for all my broadcast events and shows, but now trying to do Virtual Studio where I have led screens, that have to display Images and Videos. I have programmed a controller for the show using C#, to control the show using OSC.

So, I will send be OSC the image path, and unreal will load the picture and display on the led of the virtual studio.

All the above, I already can do it, and everything is working, but while I change the image on the material, the whole program hangs for few frames to update the image, that’s why I want to load and pass the image asynchronously to the led.

Sure that it has to be done by c++ , but please if you can help me, please give me a code that I don’t have to change anything in it… because still I’m new to c++ . Thanks in advance. (I will be using it on PC only)