Asynchronous image load on to a scalable canvas - for art gallery

I would like to use variable-objects to project 2dtextures, loaded from disk. And I need some help setting up the variable object. and making it scalable.

I’m designing a online art gallery, and I would like to load the images from an external folder. Add them to a canvas that is scalable. to the image ratio.
And add a small description to the paintings in a box.
For the environment see image 1_setting.
The goal is to bake the environment and by uploading different art images and an .ini description file, changing the exhibit without having to enter de UE file.

I started with the asynchronous loading in BP, img BPAsinImg.jpg

  1. First I want to load the images and place them on the right canvas.
    How can I connect them to the canvas

  2. I was thinking it could be possible to automate te BP script, like instance materials. Because I use the same script for every image location. But it is an other variable.
    To make it efficient in loading time.
    How could I do to that?

  3. Last challenge is to add a description.
    I was thinking of using an .ini file, and placing text (strings) on card nearby the art works.
    How can I inergrate ths in my scene, and how can I format such .ini file?