"Async scene" partially set to vehicle parts = crash

Async scene turned on for some body parts of a vehicle and not all of its part (e.g. forgetting to set the wheels to async scene ON) will cause an editor crash on “play”.


  • turn on async scene in project settings
  • turn on substepping (may be irrelevant)
  • have a vehicle blueprint with a vehicle set with it’s physics asset (body + 4 wheels)
  • wheels are set to kinematic (may be irrelevant)
  • turn on “async scene” for the body but skip doing so for the wheels


some sort of error or it not working properly


editor crash (vanishes) when the user click Play.

PS: my crash reporter never appears following a crash anymore – I might have ticked a box to say ‘don’t’ but I can’t remember where - can I get it back?

Hey ,

I’m sorry for the delay.

I was able to reproduce this behavior so I have create JIRA UE-34224. Our developers will be investigating the issue further. Please follow the link I provided to track the status of the report in our Public Issue Tracking system.

As far as the crash window, there isn’t a checkbox that dismisses it for good. Maybe this crash in particular isn’t triggering the crash window anymore for whatever reason. You can test to see if it is working properly by pressing the ~key while in the editor to bring up the console command, then type “debug crash” (with no ").

Let me know if that works for you.