Async Loading Thread Enabled


I tried to find some documentation on what the Async Loading Thread Enabled does, but I was unable to.
Could someone briefly explain the function of this checkbox?


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and perhaps a better description of the Event Driven Loader…

Yes, I’d like to know when you would want to use async loading vs when you would not want to use it. Same for event driven loader. Same for the “Use Full Time Limit” option. Need help understanding the consequences of these features…

What are the units for the registration granularity setting? Is it components registered per tick?

Yes, I would find this information helpful also!

I would also like some information on this!

Would be very useful, lots of ue features lack of documentation and developers graps to use ue at full potential.

I’m interested too in a much needed explanation of the two.

i would like some information on this as well :slight_smile:

I like to know more about this topic

I also would like to know more about this

Jesus, Epic, anybody, help us…

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