Async Loading Screen

Did you use “Open Level” node? My plugin doesn’t work with load stream level.

Thanks - yeah I use Open Level. No luck with it though :frowning: Even when I do the same setup in the tutorial within my project…it doesn’t work.

Weird, backup your project, then convert it to C++ project by adding any C++ class to see if it works out.

Yeah very strange! Ok I copied the project files to a new folder (minus Intermediate, Saved and Binaries) and made the new project C++. I made the same setup from the tutorial and still the loading screen is not executing. Here is a short video of the setup if that helps (same result if I get rid of all the pictures and the plugin’s BP nodes):

Please send me the project so I can check it, thanks.

I just spent the past few hours slowly removing everything from my project except for the tutorial files. Still doesn’t work. Very strange.
Here is a link to the stripped down project:

Thanks a ton!!

This plugin, just disables it. I don’t know what it does, never use it before, but it overrides my plugin. That’s why my plugin couldn’t work on your project.

Please don’t turn on random plugins which you don’t know, or never use them. They may conflict with each other.

Oh my gosh that worked!!! Thank you so much for the help! I do not know what that plug in is. I couldn’t even Google it and I have no memory of enabling it. So weird! Bought you some coffees for the trouble :slight_smile: Thanks again!

You’re welcome. Thanks for the coffees :slight_smile:

I googled Level Streaming to understand what it means, and therefore how this plugin is different.
Can you please explain why one might not want/need Level Streaming (not that I know exactly the full extent of what it means)? Thanks!

Hi, read this thread, they list several methods for making loading screens in Unreal Engine, include the pros and cons of each method.

Thank you for your plugin. Can i use it on Mac?

Mac version of UE
When i switch On plugin and restart UE i see this message:
The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:
Engine modules cannot be compiled at runtime. Please build through your IDE
экрана 2020-10-04 в 12.26.18.png

Have you included the plugin Module in your Build.cs?

Yes, you can use it on Mac. You need to build the plugin and your project with Visual Studio. Also, use the correct plugin version, the plugin supports engine version 4.23 - 4.25

Works only with C ++, can you make it work with Blueprints as well.

It works fine with Blueprint projects, what problem do you have?

Thanks for that thread, good reading.

So this plugin uses a completely different method than any of the listed options in the post above? Or is it based on one of them, but by solving things better?

In the first page, I read “…without Level Streaming”.
From the link above, I understand that among the cons that Level Streaming has, is “You can NOT use different GameMode and PlayerController for each level, since they are always the same.”.
Does Async Loading Screen solve this issue?

It use a different method, you should read the plugin’s features.

Yes, it solves this issue. You can use different GameMode, PlayerController for each level with Async Loading Screen