Async Load Primary Asset

In the dropdown from the “Async Load Primary Asset” node I only have actors and levels, but the class of the object returned by the node is “BlueprintGeneratedClass”. I was expecting the same classes as the items from the dropdown. Casting fails.

If loading is successful, how do I add the return from this node to my level ?

Found nothing in the docs: UBlueprintGeneratedClass | Unreal Engine Documentation

Same question.

moreover, in my test project the node seems not to be async at all: when loading a level the game freeze at first and then i got a low framerate until the level is fully loaded, anyone experiencing this?

Same question here (using 4.20).

FYI, AsyncLoadPrimaryAssetClass is working just fine, so I’m using that to spawn from class.

But I’d like to know why AsyncLoadPrimaryAsset is returning BlueprintGeneratedClass no matter what I do.

What am I doing wrong?