Asus ROG + 980M's

Good news everyone, I had the chance to pick up an Asus ROG G751JY with a 4860HQ and 980M. As UE4 is a great test bench for torturing machines, it was interesting to see what would happen.

Anyway, pretty much all demos run 60FPS @ 1080P. It stays nice and quiet, baking / building is pretty quick and has plenty of space for all your files. The 980M is very much an impressive GPU…

On the whole, if you’re looking for a cutting edge laptop for Unreal Dev I can highly recommend.

Great! Nice to hear about laptops that actually perform well (30 fps is NOT acceptable anywhere).
I use a Dell Precision M4800 at work that runs UE4 pretty well as well, I wouldn’t want to use it as my main development machine, but it runs acceptable. It isn’t really made for games though.

More good news, no Nvidia Optimus :slight_smile: and all settings were @ Epic when testing. A couple of cons, weight for one it’s 4.8KG’s and battery life lasts around 1h - 1h 30 when maxed out and 4 hrs for general use.

But on the whole, nothing really to complain about. Also yes I agree, I had a 780M before this and it was struggling to say the least.

I’d always recommend people get a desktop for this level of proramming, but sometimes you do need to buy laptop.

The GPU in this is more powerful than a desktop GTX 770 and the machine as a whole is generally more powerful than most desktops, got to admit though it’s the price that’s cringe worthy.

Cheers for starting this thread ShadowKindGames. Any chance you could update the post once the full Kite Demo is released (4.8)…? Thanks in advance…

Sure thing…

ROG---- NICE…that was my first choice. but i have no money…