ASUS ProArt Z690-CREATOR WIFI Motherboard

I going to purchase PC parts to run UE5, thinking lines 1 a ASUS ProArt Z690-CREATOR WIFI Motherboard suppose to support game creation dont know about playing games, but also wait for the release of the 13 Gen intel cpu 13900K and the release of the RTX 4080 or RTX 4080Ti GPU and also DDR5 Rams 5600 speed to match intel 13 gen 128 gigs and couple of M.2 SSD 2Tb C and D drive window 11, also not just for UE5 also Blender and high end gaming work from home.

old tipe off TPM 14+1 pin and WIFI motherboard I don’t see use to that thing hang it on the wall like a modern artwork more sense you can find beter
(usually you work offline WIFI motherboard…sucide)

Watch some linus tech tips, or jayz they have lots of tips about what your pc needs.

For creation you do not need fancy motherboard, just get quality one.
And difference invest in bigger .2 SSD ort more ram. Don`t fall for marketing bs like “motherboard supports game creation”

Important hardware for game creation:

  • new multicore CPU, more cores better. If you are absolutely certain you will never render or build some lights etc, then go for CPU single core speed.
  • fast graphics card, however amounty of VRAM is quite important, and SLI does not add vram.
  • more ram for CPU, so 32gb or 64 or even more
  • multiple m.2 SSD discs, you need that for unreal, projects and assets,
  • some HDD for backups
  • external HDD for one more backup
  • big quality 4k monitor, with 2-3 24" ones on sides.
  • if you are drawing you need tablet with touch screen or something else to draw on.
  • good quality ergonomic mouse that is sized to size of your hand, you do not want to have carpal tunnel syndrome in 10 years or so.
  • some NAS system for network storing your data.
  • some separate server (old PC) for PERFORCE

And when you meet all those above points and still have $$$ to burn you can get fancy motherboard.

Oh and do not get water cooling, bc. its kind of risky to let your watercooled PC run unattended (like over night).