Astronomy CC with ue4

Hi, I’m a new developer who is really interested into mix game engines with education and in this occasion I would like to ask for help in developing an unreal accurate astronomy template.
It’s coming to my mind that astro models like this solar system are great both for learners as for game developers with space ambientation, but I would like to achieve also an human in earth perspective like the complex day night cycle by by Baer.
I think it would be nice to have nice star representation as well as customization of gps coordinates.

The project stands inside a bigger picture I’m making about a virtual school, but the main target it’s to make an open source tool for astronomers, teachers, gamedev, documentary makers?, I don’t know it’s unreal so it looks awesome, “easy” vr integration, free platform. I think it could be great and help a lot.
By now I’m researching (sources) and trying to contact experienced astronomers who might be interested in support us with correct data and the math involved, but it’ll be great to know I can count with experienced unreal developers to make it look great and smooth, I mean, the project intend to be open source but a good team could make the difference. I guess in the long run Epic headquarters could support us with grants but I would like to have something nice to present in the first place so I’m trying to put together some pieces and I recruiting some brains to help me along. Please let me know any info that could help and contact me to know more.

Alfonso Generoso

0034 678714938