Astro Goats Synth Wave interactive VJ project

Hi Y’all,

How are you doing. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Ludwig and I’m pretty fresh to Unreal and have 10 year Blender experience. I have released games in the past with GameSalad and was a tutor for the time it was fun to work with it.

I’m a musician and my friends have a band that is two guys on all sorts of synths making Synth wave/Drones/Electro/Soundtrack/Darkwave/Retro Wave or give it a name :wink: Because it is a bit boring to look at two guys playing synths I am making an interactive VJ project for them to show on a big screen. They improvise live and with the app I’m making they can interact with the videos while playing. For example if they want a part to be longer they let a video loop run until a key activates the next step. To build this I use Unreal Engine of course and I love it from the start. I’ve done some tuts in the past but are getting into it now.

Astrogoats on spotify (new release in Feb 2020): ASTROGOATS | Spotify

Here is a video of the first rendered scene (scene3):