Astro Colony - Steam & Kickstarter launch!

Hey everyone! I am Tefel, 33y.o. developer from Poland! For last 8 years I worked with UE4 on projects like Halo MCC. I left AAA industry to follow my dreams and develop my own game. Today is a big moment for me! The game is up on Steam and Kickstarter! Check the trailer! I think is worth it!

Steam: Astro Colony on Steam


What do you think guys?

The graphics look great :smiley:

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Thanks Nacho I am glad that you like it :hugs:

This looks and feels wicked indeed, feature rich! Space Engineers in Satisfactory.

The Kickstarter seems to be going more than well. Do you have stretch goals?

Is there a big feature / aspect of the gameplay the team decided to abandon / postpone for now, either due to technicalities or design direction?

Good luck.

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Indeed is a combination of Raft, Factorio/Satisfactory and Space Engineers!

Is there a big feature / aspect of the gameplay the team decided to abandon / postpone for now, either due to technicalities or design direction?

No, there was nothing we had to abandon. I wouldn’t say that we postpone something, but rather then we planed something. The best example is to personalize every Astronaut on the space station using Meta Human technology. This gives us opportunity to offer this as a reward in out Kickstarter campaing!

I already know that people love this idea!

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Hey #screenshotsaturday! Our small Indie team with ambitious game about exploration inspired by Raft, Factorio & Space Engineers after 3 days of campaign almost reach the goal!
We are 70% funded! Thank you for your support! :rocket::blue_heart:

Still sitting at 99% of our goal :smiley:
Meanwhile I would love to get some feedback!

WE JUST REACHED OUR GAOL! :partying_face:



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Why do we think this title is unique and worth pledge!

  • infinite procedurally generated fully destructible Voxel Universe (Minecraft)
  • first game ever where your “sim city” can move
  • grid system which has plenty interesting mechanics

Our vision is to make Astro Colonies full of life! We have already astronauts to fulfill their needs, sleeping and eating, but we want to extend this to the limits, where human-machine interactions stands out!

Pledge to help our small team and get’s Early Beta access end of this year!

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Are you guys & gals making 5 games in one? Now we’re also talking Oxygen not Included! Really looking forward to seeing this thing fly.

Good luck!

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Ahaha sounds like a scam, ultimate experience Dreamworld! But no worries, we know what we are doing!

It’s a mix of Raft (how you start and collect resources around you), Factorio (automation) and Space Engineers (exploration).

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You can go very, very big! Thanks to extreme optimization. Everything uses instances only and shader movement.
I don’t want to make planets too big because I feel that would ruin the experience. If everything is available why to move and explore more?

There is immense Q&A session if you want to find more about the development

We just reached 2nd goal and we will be able to provide full Steam integration including invites, messages, hosting and searching for a game.

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We passed half of the campaign! Make sure you check what the game has to offer!

I’ve been streaming recently the game, check it here:


20k€ goal reached. I opened ask me anything topic, hope you can guys join to celebrate! Thanks!

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We just reached another goal at €25000. Astro Colony comes to Xbox and Playstation!

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