Astral Ball

My game Astral Ball is now fully released and available on the android App Store.

The game relies pretty heavily on particles, because I messed up my hands a while back and can’t really work on traditional art effectively until I can recover.
I spent a few hundred dollars putting together a rig of dictation software, pedals, etc. so I could work on it without my hands.
Being able to use Blueprints in UE4 was vital to this as well. Can’t really dictate code.

Considering that it was my first game using Unreal Engine on Android, I’m very happy with the result.

Hi Grimwolf, played your game on a tablet, pretty fun. Took a moment to figure out how everything worked but once I knew what I was doing, I was in the zone. I like how you slow down time when picking a direction to hit the asteroids that give you points. Also like the black holes that spawn you into another area if you overlap them. I am working on something like that too :). Good game Grimwolf.