Astral Ball (Android)

I’ve finally released the beta version of my first UE4 game.

You can go here to participate in the beta and try it out.

At this stage it’s practically done, I’m mostly just looking for feedback and any bugs I’ve missed.

no store link?


The App Store link is inside the community link. You have to join the Google+ community to download the beta anyway.
It was either that, or manually send out invitations one person at a time.

I’ve got the leaderboard working now, but there seems to be a bug preventing achievements from unlocking properly.

Looks nice and fun :slight_smile:

I have a patch ready that should fix the achievements, among other things. Currently having problems with my phone though, it seems. So I can’t test the patch to make sure it doesn’t just break everything.

New patch is up! I finally fixed the achievements, among many other things.

Google released an update making the Community nonsense unnecessary. I fixed the original post, and anyone can now just jump straight into the beta.