AsterMiner - peaceful exploration puzzle game.

Hey everyone!

I’ve finally published my first UE4 game! (it’s my 3rd published game though)

Android PlayStore:
iOS AppStore:

The game itself is a bit of an experiment; I wanted to make a game with no violence/conflict/combat of any kind.
I know the game really isn’t for everyone, as some people just can’t stand slow games =P

I ended up making a game where you have to fill up a cargo train that goes through the level with you.
The trainline has 1-4 stations and every time you fill up one of its carts it advances to the next one.
The cargo the train needs is scattered throughout the level and you have to explore and find them.
There are musical puzzle sequences that open gates and deploy bridges.
The game currently has 1 area with 10 levels. And I intend to gather feedback and adapt the game for the next area with 10 more levels. The final game will have 5 areas (50 levels) and the idea is that the game expands from here and each area introduces something new to the experience =)


I’ve been making games for a couple years in my free time, this is the 1st game where I fully commit to it and I quite like the results.
I loved working with UE4. I’ve been tinkering and learning the engine for just about a year now. The game was fully programmed using Blueprints. I made the 3D models in Blender.

In any case, if you’d like to play the game and don’t feel like or can’t pay it’s price (it’s 60% off btw), just ask me for a redeem code and i’ll give one to you. (Here’s one for grabs: Z3GVTM2DL5L6BJWLP8ZTJK2)
I just really want people to play this game. The feedback so far has been great, I tested it with 30 volunteers during development taking polls and fixing stuff, so the end result is really polished and decent :smiley:


hey I redeemed your code - very nice, I gave you a review too.

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it :heart:

The game is finnally out on both Android and iOS

Android PlayStore:
iOS AppStore:

So far the reviews and feedback have been great, we have a solid 4.9 stars on Android with a ton of reviews, and despite or terrible campaign, the daily number of sales as been slightly increasing each passing day. We’re at 30/day on android alone, which I know is not a lot, but this is our first paid game and we’re really satisfied by the level of appreciation people seem to have for our work :heart:

We’ve just released on iOS and let’s just hope it does well too =)

Looks awesome! Just the trailer is already relax and kind of hypnotizing hehe. Very cool design and mood. …] Already installed and playing. Great work! Contributing to the relaxing mood, it is one of the few games nowadays that has an easy option to close the game, Nice detail.


Hey that’s a very nice stylisic game! Love to see some new and fresh style made with Unreal! I was just researching upcoming mobile titles for Unreal and they’re all so… generic. Same realism, same particle style… yours is fresh, simple and beautiful. Loved the music and mood either. Congratz!

PS: Just bought it on Android. =) Gonna play it and I’ll let you know what I thought of it! o/