ASTC not compressing "HDR Compressed" or "HDR" type textures

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to use HDR textures in my mobile game and I’m using OpenGL ES 3.1 and ASTC. However, I’ve noticed that when cooking Unreal does not compress HDR textures, at all. Even though one of the cool features of ASTC is that it can compress HDR textures. I’ve used Mali Texture Compression Tool to do some tests and with the “Very fast” compression mode, a 2048x2048 is reduced form 48MB to about 5MB.
The reason why I believe it is not compressing them is because I’ve done a build with HDR textures and without them, and the delta between the two is exactly the size of an uncompressed HDR texture.

Could anyone shed some light on this? Is it a bug or perhaps the cooker is not taking HDR textures into account and not passing the correct arguments to the “astcenc.exe”?

Only ASTC LDR profile is supported.

Thanks Chris!

I looked into it deeper and I realized implementing HDR was more complicated than I would have initially assumed. I hope we get support for it one day!