Associate specific camera with PIE mode

I understand that when entering PIE mode a ‘Player’ camera is always instanced. But I find this quite confusing if you are not creating a game and have already manually set up a camera yourself.
How can you get PIE mode to reference and existing Cinecamera that you have placed?

Thanks. But doesn’t seem to be an option for Cine Cameras, only regular cameras.

If you put the cine camera in a BP, and put the BP in the level, then you can.

i did put a cine camera in a bp then the BP in the level but can’t see the option anyway i have the exact same problem , i would love to be able to have a specific cine camera view in pie with post effects and stuff

Put a cine cam in a blueprint, and make the blueprint inherit from pawn

Then put the BP in the level, and set it to possess




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you are a legend !!!
thank you so much

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FWIW, an alternative that I use when building static scenes for background videos and such, is to:

  1. Place a camera in a scene
  2. Open the level blueprint
  3. Drag a reference to the camera into the level blueprint event graph
  4. In the Begin Play event, get the player controller for player 0, and call SetViewTarget() on that player controller, with the camera reference as argument
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this is even better for my use case
thank you very much for your insights!