Associate materials automatically / Asociar materiales automática

Is there a way to associate unreal created materials to an imported 3dmax model? It should be associated automatically without the model having been imported previously.
Example, I have created 5 materials in unreal and import 1 3dmax model with 5 groups. I want to assign each group one of those colors. If I import a second model with 3 groups, I want to associate 3 materials (to choose) from Unreal.

Thank you.

Hay alguna forma de asociar materiales creados en unreal a un modelo importado de 3dmax? Se debería de asociar automáticamente sin que se haya importado el modelo previamente.

Ejemplo, tengo creados 5 materiales en unreal e importo 1 modelo de 3dmax con 5 grupos. Quiero asignar a cada grupo uno de esos colores. Si importo un segundo modelo con 3 grupos quiero asociar 3 materiales (a elegir) de Unreal.


If the name of the material in the 3d program matches that of a material in the project you can adjust the import settings to automatically pick that material.