Associate animation to button


I’m new to modding and to UE, but I love ARK and I try to make my own mod to change some dinos stats and scale.
Thanks to this forum I have found almots every things I need.
But I want to add a jurassic park roar for raptors, i have found how to add a sound in an animation. So i have my animation with the associate sound.
But now i would like to associate my animation to the second attack button or maybe “C” like for the rex roar.

Is there someone who knows how i can do that ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

PS : Sorry for my english, it’s not my mother tongue.

2 ways you can do.
Copy and re-target an animation, add your sound as an “anim notify” then add it to the dino in the “attack infos” section as a new info. That’s going to require modifying the dino BP itself which if I’m not mistaken = dirty mod.
Easier route would be to make a new saddle for the dino, have the saddle give the rider a buff that enables inputs and create an input event on the buff that fires the sound. ← cleaner, easier, doesn’t change the default dino in anyway.