Assistants Please

I do not want to make a map for my mod is about adding a car into ark so being able to craft it in a new workbench and make it driveable in game i am thinking of using the same design as dinosaurs but changing modle and texture and getting rid of the need for a saddle that way it can move around like a car i need help with this so please reply

Once we get the bigfoot in the devkit files, you can use him as a reference for not requiring a saddle. As for everything else, you are probably going to have to do alot of blueprinting, and more than likely you would be better off setting the car up as a completely independent blueprint (since it will have entirely different physics involved)

Your idea is a HUGE task, so good luck :smiley:

to be honest i will need a bit of help since i am new to this whole program so is there and begginers videos on how to do bluprinting , inserting models (from 3d max) , and how to implement the with ark etc please send me links if you know any

Most of the video links in the stickied section will help get you started with the basics, understanding blueprints, using custom models, etc… But as TheRealAzreal said, this is a huge undertaking. You will definitely need to get familiar with the blueprint system.

ok , well thanks for helping if you guys want to join me in development don’t be afraid to ask me :slight_smile:

In the Ark update notes they said they will releasing a drive able dune buggy to modders in the near future, my suggestion would be to wait until it comes out and work off of it as a base.

i want to tdo this mod for the contest so i want to surprise them :slight_smile:

[FONT=Arial Black]Warning: Be sure to check the rights and privileges granted for certain materials on the 3 model websites. Some are royalty free as others have very defined usage rights.

Ue4 Youtube car tutorial playlist:

He is using a car made with blender when importing model in first video that has defined moving wheels and define certain wheel/tire axis’s. If you are not a modeler sometimes you can find game ready vehicles with pivot points for wheels already and even opening closing hoods etc at the two i use: <Be sure to only check format .fbx as im new to this but pretty sure ue4 only takes direct input from .fbx files. A exported type from blender a free 3d modeling program.
AND its pay to use models/other brother site

Here is another video on the blender to ue4 modeling example:
How to modify .blend or .fbx files use: A free 3d modeling program with export format into fbx for import into ue4 or custom modeling/etc.

You can also make boats and even airplanes.

I hope this helps you get started! I am working on a map now and want to work a mod with it for custom boats.