Assistant Developer Needed

Project Title:

A 2D Side-scrolling open world RPG wrapped in a pixely aesthetic, based in the medieval era and you have learnt how to perform magic. Monsters cross into your word when night falls and attempt to slay you.

We are currently looking for an Assistant Developer with a decent amount of experience with the engine, you will receive a 10% Royalty fee when the game is released.
So far we have begun the basics including - Basic Player movement and animations, Random Terrain Generation, basic textures. However we need someone to help us out that has experience with blueprints/C++ in the engine.



So far consists of

  • Lead Developer (Myself)
  • Co Developer
  • And of course an Assistant Developer (YOU)

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.


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Bumping :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I’m relatively new to UE4 but I’m a pretty good blueprinter and looking to join a team.

Bump - Add me on Skype if you are interested.