Assistance with Steam Overlay UE 4.26

Hello, I am unable to get the Steam Overlay to appear.

I am using 4.26. I have the following plugins enabled: Online Subsystem, Online Subsystem Steam, Advanced Sessions, Advanced Steam Sessions.

I have edited the DefaultEngine.ini as per Online Subsystem Steam | Unreal Engine Documentation

I test through Standalone.

I have my steam client open.

Steam Overlay is enabled in Steam.

— but I have no overlay when testing. Tutorials say “it’s easy” but apparently I’m a skill level lower than “easy”.

Ideas please, anyone?

**Solution: **
Attempting to get the Steam Overlay by pressing Play -> Standalone from with the Unreal Editor does not work. And apparently, hasn’t worked for ages. Given how long this problem seems to have persisted, I assume it’s unimportant.

Here’s the workaround:

Test your game using a .bat file instead of the Play Standalone. I followed this linkon how to create a .bat file to open your game as a standalone. Doing this, I got the Steam Overlay.