Assistance with Simple Move To needed!

Whats going on all. Thanks for the help on this one. Sorry if this is something very easy that I’m overlooking.

I’ve included 3 screen caps. I’m using a simple move to blueprint setup to get the UE4 actor to move straight down the panel, pass through the trigger box and stop at the target point. I set up the movement to keep the camera as is so that the player can monitor the movement as it goes along from a distance. When the actor passes through the trigger it is supposed to generate the UI item I have created called “overlap test” which is supposed to bring up the 2 buttons on the screen for the user to interact with. If I allow the actor to travel along and keep the camera stationary at a distance point, the overlap does nothing. However, if I manually carry the camera and follow the actor right behind it, when the trigger is passed the UI comes up. Why is the system mandating that the camera pass through the trigger box for the UI to come up as a next step? Is there a setting or check box I’m overlooking that should allow the Ue4 globe to create the overlap on its own and allow the UI to come up? I appreciate all the help!

My Begin overlap is a lot different. see:

With this one you can choose other actor to trigger it off.


If your overlap is working with your actor (checked by a print string at start of event) then maybe your actor can’t create widget, maybe add input / remove input would work : If it doesn’t, set function / custom event in character / level bp and call it on overlap.

Thanks Fen. I don’t think the input enable/disable you linked in is what I’m after. I need the overlap to automatically create the widget on the overlap without any player interaction. There will be AI moving pieces, so I’m going to have to give the 2nd option you gave a try. I’ll let you know what I can muster up w/ this one.

Hey Fen,

I was able to get the overlap working. I played around with some options for a while, and found a node that I was able to branch off from the asset that accomplished the job. It was the ‘set actor enable collision’ node. Screen capped the update below. I think this one works well in that it will follow that actor around on the map and not have to re-tag it at any point. I’m sure there would probably be a way to set this up using a variable that could be tied in somehow but I think this will serve the purpose for now. If anyone has any suggestions on setting it up as a variable for easy reference later, please reply.

You are absolutely right, i didn’t realize that your blueprint was in level blueprint not in blueprint itself. I did a try with your system and it works fine. If there is no reason to change your collision issue during runtime, try to set both of them in the component tab by selecting it and go to details / collision. Select overlap all for your box and overlap / block for your moving actor, depending on your needs.