Assistance with Progress Bar : Technical Questions

Good Evening, I am making a progress bar that when two team’s are on an objective they determine the progress bar value. For example team has one player and team two has one player which will mean 0.50 on the progress bar. However, say in the following scenario I have two players from team A and one player from Team B then the progress bar attains the value 2/3. Which is good but i want the bar to be showing 2/3 for team A but 1/3 for team B. How can this be done ?

You can set “background” too. Look under the drop down for “style”.

Also not exactly sure from your description what you’re aiming for with these partially filled bars but you can also use an overlay with 2 progress bars on top of each other and set their fill individually if that would better suit your needs.

I hope this clears up what I mean.

Right now both teams see the same widget bar.

Team one is americans
team two is russian.
as you can see the russian who has only 1 player sees a widget 2/3 of the way full. I want him to see it full up 1/3 instead.

The way you are doing it looks tricky. Lots of maybe this, maybe that, what if this but not that.

Instead would it be easier to simply send both scores in the MultiCast and set both progress bars where progress bar A percent = Team A score divided by max score, progress bar B = Team B score divided by max score?

Max Score in your situation seems like it would be the total of both teams scores, ie Team A score + Team B Score. like a kind of zero-sum game.

You can do it your way too but It looks like the branching logic is telling it to only set team B based on Team A logic.

I might just do this. It seems like the easiest solution. However, I need to make it so the progress bar A stay’s on Team A’s screen.
and progress bar B stay’s on Team B’s screen.
Right now I have it set as an eventoverlap create widget view hud.

I believe your problem lies not in the question how to compute the value but in the differentiation of OWN_TEAM vs. ENEMY_TEAM.

Try to compute the values own_team_score and enemy_team_score.
Then do the same math you are doing now but replace the Americans with own_team_score and the russians with enemy_team_score. That should do the trick if I understood you correctly.