Assistance please: Limited NPC animation

I’ve been working with Fuse and following a tutorial from someone there to bring Fuse generated characters into UE. I’ve done pretty well so far but I’m limited to what the video showed me and my own experimentation. Here is what I am looking to do. I have need of 8 NPC type characters. These characters have no need for player controls and their movement will be limited to only a few simple actions to perform their roles (eg. a Doctor, standing from his desk to ask whats wrong to begin a text dialogue).

How do I attach a single animation sequence or possibly two to a NPC character that will be placed into a level, without having to create user controls?

Thanks in advance

Drag and drop the animation clip assigned to the character into the world = done.

Drag the SK model into the world and in the details panel select an animation clip or animation blueprint = done

Seriously? I guess that was over thinking it? Its that simple? Will this work even with the Fuse models? If so, thanks!