Assist: Rama Victory Plugin

I downloaded the Victory Plugin by Rama and have installed it, perhaps improperly. I admit that I am having difficulty understanding the instruction in the youtube installation video and am posting here for help as a last resort.

I downloaded the most current version of the Victory Plugin. I am running 4.10.4. I am concerned that either the latest revision of the Victory Plugin is not compatible with UE 4.10.4 or that I misunderstood something that needed to be done and mis-installed the plugin. Any help would be appreciated.

I placed the plugin in the below directory
\Epic Games\4.10\Engine\Plugins\VictoryPlugin

It does come up in the plugin list within the engine. I am able to enable the plugin and it tells me to restart the engine.

This is the message I receive when attempting to open a UE 4.10.4 project

Thank you in advance for any help you can give. I’m really anxious to try see and examine this plugin.


Most recent Victory Plugin is for the 4.11 preview, you need an earlier release.

Also you probably want to keep this to the Victory Plugin thread.

Ok, I had a feeling that may be the case. Would you know which revision was the last for 4.10.x?

I’ll see if I can move the thread to the appropriate location.

Thank you.

Yes I would also like to know what version works with what :frowning:
I’m trying to get it to work on 10.4.2 with no luck

open up git bash and clone the repo with:

then to reverse back to victory plugin’s 10.4.2 vesrsion paste:
$ git reset --hard 8670206de4a07342b80446538bd5d8e7d8639789

now download :

extrract and replace “VictoryPlugin\Source\VictoryBPLibrary” with “Source\VictoryBPLibrary”

now u have the old version. compile. should