Assist: Open World DEMO Collection

URE 4.7.6

Although I’ve watched the first 5 tutorials and have made progress I’m having a bit of difficulty with the Open World Demo Collection. For some reason even after adding it to an existing project the assets of this collection are not presenting themselves for use inside that project. I also have the Gametextures Download pack which, through the use of the same process (add to project button), I can see in the project.

I have verified the file three times after each re-download.

Could someone let me know how to properly put the Open World Demo collection into my engine or projects so the assets can be used?



Has anyone else had an issue figuring this out or is it just me? I’ve downloaded two other collection and they are showing up when I apply them, could my file be corrupt in spite of my downloading it and verifying it on three separate occasions?

Try with UE 4.8.
Assets saved with newer version don’t work with older versions.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’m afraid that it didn’t help. When I look into materials I see no folder referring to the Open World Demo Collection in 4.8. Is there a manual way to insert the pack into the engine for use? I’d hate to not use 6GB of what is said to be really good assets as I continue to learn.

Go to you unreal engine installation folder - launcher - VaultCache - the name of the package - copy all files from the content folder - open the folder of your project - paste it and overwrite the content folder -> now it should work () :slight_smile:

But normally when you add it with the “add to project” button everything should work fine -> as long as you have downloaded the package for the right version

The only folder I see in the ValultCache is KiteDemo472. I’ve searched my entire hard drive for Open World Demo Collection and it came up empty.

I’m running URE 4.8.1 and using the OWDC package for 8

I’m not a PC novice by any means. This thing is starting to make me wonder though.

Is there a manual download location for this collection?

The Kite Demo IS the Open World Demo Collection. It’s assets from the Kite Tech Demo.