Assigning Player Controller to Widgets for Multiplayer

So here’s my issue: I made an experience system for a single player setup and everything works fine. However, when I went to covert it for multiplayer, an error insists that only local player controllers can be assigned to a widget.

I’m hoping that somebody can help me understand how to setup my player controller for multiplayer. I cannot show my blueprints because I butchered them badly before posting this discussion. I thought that local player controllers were for local multiplayer. Perhaps this is because I recall someone saying that in multiplayer, all players are Player 0, suggesting that I don’t need to index the controller. If I can’t use “get reference to self” or “get owning player,” then what node am I supposed to plug into the owning player input on the “create widget” node? The widget I am creating is my Player HUD, which currently consists of an experience progress bar and a level indicator (text block)… am I supposed to create a custom HUD class, and then add my widget to that? lol I’m so confused.

I’m aware of the nodes “is local controller” and “is local player controller,” but I presume that if the error is saying that the controller is not a local player controller, then that will only fire on the false path until I setup my controller properly. Any info would help, even if it is merely directing me to documentation, which I’m attempting to look for right now, but I’d still like to have this discussion if anybody is up for it.

Use Get Owning Player and spawn any Widgets on local through the switch has authority node.

I will post some more info in a second.

I’ll give that a go… I completely forgot about switch has authority. Thank you.