Assigning keys to animations?

Let’s say I want to assign right-click to a certain new animation of a dino, how could I do that? Is it even possible as of now?

Noone? Or is it just plain impossible with the dev kit?

Edit: Or let me ask like this, can you add new attack animations to a different key? The rex roar for example is used as an attack in the Rex_Character_BP…

Well you can easily make it as an alternate attack and have that attack to use the animation you want. Like the Rex’s roar you mentioned. It’s an attack that only plays the animation and nothing else.

It would be soooo cool if you could explain me how to do that. Got no idea… :frowning:

im trying to do the same thing but with a weapon but no one has helped =(

I believe they aren’t answering because that would be the longest post ever on creating animation in something like maya, rigging it, etc. and then importing it into the dev kit, attaching it to the dino’s skeleton - editing the animation state machine for attacking. THEN assigning that animation to the right click. You can see why no one really wants to go down that path.

The animation I want to assign is the spino roar, already made it an animation montage etc. Just needs a key to play.