Assigning Grass to object

Hi all.

I work for an architectural visualisation company and we have been using Unreal for a few months.

I have a grass object and want to assign Unreal grass to it.

We have painted some grass on an object before and it looks good but:

1: Edges are an issue and either the grass goes over them or we have to leave patches of empty grass on the object.
2: We have to paint the whole site

Is it possible to tell Unreal to assign grass to the whole object, have accurate edges based on our object… and also have the grass only appear as the camera is getting close (within a set range).

Our clients don’t want to see grass patches coming onto their paths, pavements etc but our current method means this is happening.



I too would love to know if this is/will be possible in the future - right now it only works on landscapes but there are many benefits to having the ability to assign landscape grass on meshes too, not just in terms of productivity but also saving on lightmapping memory also (landscape grass can use the underlying lightmap from the landscape which is super efficient)

You could add foliage for that mesh before there is pavement mesh added to level. Hiding pavement could also work.

I also agree that this would be a wonderful feature – to be able to procedurally spawn meshes on other meshes and cull them at a distance.