Assigning Animations to New Mesh UE4 4.14.0

I recently purchase an OrientalSword Animation set to use with the game I am working on using the Third Person Template. I am having problems assigning the animations to the new mesh (from the animation set) to use in game.

I have imported the new actor mesh into my sence but I am having trouble with the Retarget Manager trying to assign the animation s to it in my scene. I was following these: v=lcMfeZYvJJo&index=46&list= PLExILdb9oh5cbR3YzitbOmAznW08v -DGi v=xy9aLbZLdeA

The pack was a little different because it comes with an “Original” character with animations and a weapon.


And a “Retargeted” one without the weapon and just the animations.


Both actors are posed in the UE4 Mannequin state and have proper naming conventions for their bones and structures that match.

So the issue comes with the fact that I want to use the original character with the weapon on the screen for my scene as you can see it already has plenty of animations assigned to it.


How do I use the Retarget Manager to assign the skeleton on to itself? I don’t want to use the stock UE4 Mannequin asset since this one is done.

When I go into the Retarget Manager I always have the stock UE4 Mnnequin as the source, unless I delete the folder completely from my project file. Then it will have a Source and Target file both available.


The problem is that I have tried to re-assign the skeletons among the Original and Re-targeted model yet the character still is in A pose with no animations in my scene.

I hope this makes sense.