Assigning a trigger volume to an actor

Hi there,

I have an AI Character class type that I’d like designers to be able to place in the level with a simple trigger volume to activate their AI when the player enters.

Currently this works by adding an event handler in the level blueprint I’d like to simplify level authoring by just assigning a volume variable in the AI Character’s instance (then each AI Character can do the event hookup internally). It looks like I can assign a volume reference but I can’t see how to assign that value in the editor. There’s a pick option on the instance variable (under the AI Character instance details pane) but this doesn’t allow me to click and assign the trigger sphere I put in the level.


i cant quite follow what your trying to accomplish. it sounds like your trying to set a variable in the ai on a per instance basis via the level editor. if thats your goal then you need to create a public variable in the ai actor so that you can set it via the details panel. if thats not what your after then youll have to explain a bit more for clarification.

Found the problem. I was trying to use TriggerVolume as if it was a base class type. Switching my variable type to TriggerBase allows me to assign a level volume using the picker as I’d originally expected.

Fooled by the naming scheme on an engine I used to use!

Thanks for dropping in and confirming that I was trying to do things the right way even if I was doing it wrong.