Assigning a SoundWave to a SoundClass without using SoundCues?

Is it possible to assign a SoundWave to a SoundClass directly, without using SoundCues?

I just saw a video tutorial of somebody bringing up the “details” of a SoundWave file and assigning it to a SoundClass.
I tried to do the same but my SoundWaves don’t have details. The only thing I can do with them is adding them to a SoundCue - then I obviously got all the options but I don’t want to do this for all of my SoundWaves.

Sorry - this might be a a super basic question - I just started with audio.

Thank you!

Yes, you can double click SoundWave to modify its basic properties. SoundCues allows you to do that plus you can composite multiple sound waves in one SoundCue and even more.

AAH! Got it - thank you! My “Details” panel was set to “hidden” in that double-click-popup-window. What a noob mistake…

Perfect - added all my 100+ SoundWaves to their correct SoundClasses and now “ducking” works on soundtrack and SFX whenever a dialogue is played.

Thanks Chyros!