Assigning a category to a Blueprint Widget does not show the category in the Palette Tab of UMG editor

I am trying to get some widgets to appear in a custom category in the palette tab of the UMG editor (like how a widget package I got from the marketplace is able to do).

However, putting a category on a widget in Class Settings does not appear to make it appear under its own category. I have not seen any other way to make this happen in the project settings or any other area of the widget yet copying the same method as the content I purchased from the marketplace does not make a custom category.

If I’m missing anything obvious please let me know. I’ve been experiencing this issue since 4.22.

One other thing I noticed after posting this, The Widget that does have it’s own palette category shows it when you hover over the asset in the content browser

Also changing the category on the Widget asset that has it’s own category in the palette tab, erases that category with no way of bring it back unless you revert the asset. I am starting to think this is a bug with Unreal.

Great. Really confused why something from the marketplace just works yet replicating it does not.

Aye, it’s been there since day 1 - kind of an on and off for a bit afair. There’s approximately 65 bugs related to various widget categories acting up, including 42 unfixed duplicates :smiley:

It might have been made directly in Slate which circumvents some of the blueprint’s quirkiness.

Actually it’s all done in blueprint. So I don’t think that’s it.

I suffer from the same problem. In my case I am making a new class from the editor’s text block. When I add a category to it, it is not created and the text block is classified as set by default.

To change the category of your widget go in the designer tab click on the root of the hierarchy elements there is a category in the details view, this is what you look for.
Enjoy :slight_smile:


Wish I could explain why I never realised this :expressionless: Thanks!

Possible to create a sub categories somehow? category|subcategory doesn’t work like on variables