Assigning a camera as main view


I am a full time Unity game programmer and for a company,but i was assigned with a different job,programming using Unreal Engine,i was asked to create a lottery simulation app for the iPhone.
I created a 3D world,but i was asked to not make a character so the user can move, but to assign a camera view that the player will see and able to interact with the world,but that is beyond my little to no experience with Unreal Engine 4,so i came here.
Does anyone have any tutorial on YouTube that can help me,or an article on it,or can guide me on this journey of mine,i would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

However, for your needs I recommend you to check out Black Jack and Memory Game at Marketplace and disassemble them to understand how games like that works in UE4

When the player can’t fly, you could also just delete the weapon and the projectile stuff from the shooter sample (mycharacter) and then you will have a moving camera :slight_smile:

I probably should’ve been more specific, i want the exact opposite. The game i was assigned to create is a lottery simulation game,with 6 cubes and each face of the cube has numbers from 1 to 6 without repetitions,so i want the player to be able to see the back view,front view,right side view and left side view by positioning cameras in each side, but leaving one face/side hidden,(it is automatically hidden by the other cubes) and i want the player to be able to press the arrows on the screen to go to the other view,for example if he presses the right arrow he goes to the right camera and etc.

So the basic idea is pretty similar to Unity but a bit more fiddly in execution.

Create a Blueprint and make of Camera class. Place these in your scene (Front, Side etc.)

Then when the you start the game you use the “Set View Target With Blend” node https://answers.unrealengine/questions/39116/switching-between-multiple-cameras-in-blueprints.html

I assume the c++ function has a similar name.

About camera, there is in the menu Edit-> Project Settings -> Game - Maps & Mode the block “Default Modes” containing what is the default Game Mode and Defaul tPawn. This is the default Pawn where you tell is this is Unreal default flythrought camera or your own camera inheriting from some custom Blueprint you made.
This is for the understanding on how it works behind the scene if i’m not wrong.