Assign multiple textures, re-save static mesh

Hello to everyone, a couple of quick questions please:

  1. I have a static mesh with 16 material instances, and I want to add a normal map to, say, 8 of them. Can I put the normal at once somehow in those 8 instances, or do I have to add it to all separately?

  2. If I import a static mesh, and I resize it, then can I save it back to my library to have it permanently resized everytime I use it?

Any input will be helpful! Thanks!

Hi Lamlas13,

  1. What you can do is create one Material Instance and set the normal map in there, and then have the 8 Material Instances have that as their Parent rather than the original Parent.

  2. I’m not sure if that is possible somehow in UE5 - I’m still finding all sorts of cool things, but that wasn’t possible in 4.x.

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It works perfectly, thank you!

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