Assign mesh to animation


I have a non playable character animation I want to assign a 3D mesh to.
I have added the socket, and the 3D mesh to its hand. It all looks great inside the preview on the specific animation, but I don’t know how to get it in game?

I have seen some tuts about how to do this when controlling the character but this seems overly complex for what I want.

I just want it to be a non playable, looping animation exactly what I have in the preview, but in the main 3D scene.

There is some stuff on youtube, made harder by the interface looking slightly different but that is for a character you control, which seems overly complex and not really what I need, even if some of the principles might be the same.

Any help would be great. I’m just wasting time now and it seems its all there, I’m just missing a step or two I could do with a direct answer on.


Hey @anonymous_user_dddb1d75!

If you are going to use just the one animation and nothing else:

  1. Add the skeletal mesh or blueprint of your NPC to the scene.
  2. Navigate to the animation tab in the detail panel while your mesh/blueprint is selected.
  3. Change animation mode to “Use animation asset” and select your desired animation.


I hope the above is the solution you need!

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Hi, thanks for the answer, but not sure it addresses the problem.
I have been viewing animations inside the main 3D editor fine and I have always done what you said.

The PROBLEM is, when I have gone a stage further and assigned 3D meshes to that animation after assigning them to the sockets, when I then view that animation in game, the 3D meshes are NOT coming through, even though they work fine in the animation preview window.

Thanks again

Hey @anonymous_user_dddb1d75

That makes a lot more sense now, you can’t see the socket item. So what you see in the preview level is just that, a preview. You still need to add the static mesh in level to the socket otherwise nothing will be there. Check out the instruction on how to do so here:

I hope the above is the solution you need.

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