Assign material to multiple meshes in Content Browser

So perhaps I overlooked something, but I want to be sure :slight_smile:

I just imported 200+ meshes which luckily all use the same material.
Is there a way to apply this material to all these meshes at once?



Hey -

After selecting all the actors in the scene outliner at once, you should be able to set the material to all of them by dragging the material from the content browser onto any one of the actors in your scene.


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Hello , I don’t want to apply them to the meshes in scene but all the meshes in the browser.

Sorry, misinterpreted the question. There is no way to apply the material to multiple meshes at once in the content browser. You would have to manually assign the material to each mesh if you wanted them to display in the browser window.

Then this would be a nice opportunity to suggest such a thing.
Especially since eventually I will need to do so for 900+ meshes. :slight_smile:

Anyone ever figure out a way to do this? I have the same problem as @. I don’t want to assign them in the scene, I want to change the material on multiple objects :\

Still not possible to do so sadly :frowning:

Uhm … I understand you accepted that answer because you want this question as resolved… but your answer wasnt satisfactory nor correct.

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Hi -

I have placed a feature request for the addition of Materials to the Property Matrix which would allow for bulk editing, for reference UE-19826. As we investigate the possibility I will keep you informed here.

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

That’s the spot that makes the most sense to me. Thanks for the update Eric!

Any chance this is going to happen any time soon? It would be an incredibly handy feature

It’s still backlogged at the moment. I don’t think this is going to change in the foreseeable future due to all other priorities and limited resources.

Just adding my voice to the choir - this is a feature I would really really like to see implemented, ASAP.

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this has absolutely nothing to do with this answerhub post, so I suggest you create a new one asking if this is possible.

Me, or another higher-admin will probably delete this post soon.

Ran into this problem myself recently and figured out a workaround. If you assign the same material to all your meshes in your 3d modeling application before exporting and import that material along with the meshes into the Unreal editor, you can then delete that newly imported material and replace mesh references to that material in the delete dialogue to a material of your choosing.



Finally! At least a workaround! Hopefully we can get some sort of official workflow soon but this definitely helps.

+1 for this

That’s unfortunate, it can be a decent waste of time for bulk imports of assets, especially environment assets.

This should be marked as the solution as it provides a workaround.

I don’t know why but only materials are shown in the list, not material instances :confused: