Assign different subobject in derived blueprint of base class

Ok, so I have a pointer to default subobject that was created in constructor of base class “A”, is there way I can replace the default subobject in derived blueprint with a different object derived from the subobject class?
Basically I want to create blueprint of both classes and assign them in editor (similarly as you would use TAssetPtr and assign different derived type). I have noticed, that if I change type SomeSubobject to UObject, I can do so, but I cannot do it if I use the type in snippet below (the dropdown list is empty).

// Subobject declaration in base class
UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly, EditDefaultsOnly)
USomeUObjectDerivedClass* SomeSubobject;

// Subobject creation in base class constructor
SomeSubobject = CreateDefaultSubobject<USomeUObjectDerivedClass>("SomeSubobject");

// USomeUObjectDerivedClass class definition
class USomeUObjectDerivedClass : public UObject

Hello, no, you can’t but, you can create variable type of TSubClassOf and create SomeSubobject on BeginPlay() using NewObject function.
In your blueprint, you can select the class of your subobject.

Hey, thanks for your help, unfortunately, I was afraid so :frowning:
I will leave it open for a couple of days in case someone has other idea, but after that, I will be accepting this as an aswer.