Assign Button Combination to Hotkey


I’m working through a spell/skill tree tutorial that involves assigning the spells to hot keys. I would like the spells to cast when two buttons (i.e. shift + left mouse button) are clicked instead of a single key. I altered all hotkeys variables to be ‘input action key arrays’ instead of ‘key arrays’, but this ultimately led to an infinite loop I could not solve. Would it instead be possible to make a button combination (i.e. shift + left mouse button) do the same job as a single key such as F6?

No problem, you need to put the combinations in the project settings ( input -> input action )

I know about the input settings there. What I would like to do, and if this function is somewhere in project setting I apologize, is I want Shift + Left Mouse Button = F6. There’s no way, that I’ve found. with this tutorial to use action names in place of the hotkey mappings. So, if possible, I want 2 buttons to do what a single button also does.