Assign Anim Class to Mesh

I have a first person mesh (just with arms, no body) and I retargeted the anim class for the 1st person mesh to my 3rd person mesh as they are based off different skeletons.

As there is no body for a shadow when in first person I added the 3rd person mesh as a component to the first person character but when I try and add the anim class which was created from the retarget it wont play the animations (mesh stands in T pose) but if I replace the anim class to the anim class played for the 3rd person mesh it plays the anims.

If I replace the 3rd person mesh with my arms only first person mesh and assign the anim class created from the retarget it plays the animations even though the tool tip on the anim class shows the skeleton is for the 3rd person skeleton.

Any suggestions ?

Really tough to understand the problem buuut, do you have 2 skeletal meshes each with their own anim blueprint? I.e. in the character object, in the mesh component under animation do they both have an animation class that is right for their skeleton? If so do both animation blueprints have access to the variables that get your character states. If so are the states handled in the state machines of both anim graphs? It just sounds a bit like you are only doing one or the other but not both at the same time? Maybe some pictures?