Assign a Value to a Multiplayer Character

Hi! I am a 13 year old game dev I have started developing around 6 months ago and I have a multiplayer game I am currently working on that I could use some help with. The game essentially connects you and up to 9 other people (via steam) to a lobby. The game is sort of murder mystery based so I want to assign one out of the current players to be the murderer through either a value or boolean and I only want there to be one murderer and the rest of the people will be kind of like a team that tracks down the invisible murderer. I only need help figuring out how to assign one of the connected players to become a murderer. Thank you to anyone who helps by providing pictures and explanations!

Hi! I can recommend this course to get the details of client-server interactions

Create a bool variable in the Playerstate class … IsMurderer?

OnPostLogin randomly choose a player, then set the playerstate var to true. Or you can do the choosing just before the game starts.