Assetsville Town - asset pack

Hi All! We are happy to present our new asset pack “Assetsville Town”.

“Assetsville Town” is a complete, self-sufficient asset pack that will eliminate the need to use various non-matching sets and will allow you to create a graphically consistent project.
It consists of over 800 models including modular building tileset (both exterior and interior), vehicles, characters, weapons and hundreds of props. Check out the screenshots below!

More details & screenshots => MARKETPLACE

Additional screenshots are available on our website.

Any feedback or questions appreciated!

Hi All, Check out the new VIDEO PREVIEW: 01. Assetsville Town - TRAILER - YouTube of Assetsville Town pack!

Hi All,

We have created a brand new video on create awesome buildings (both exteriors and interiors) using the modular tileset from our pack. It contains 130 elements with over 100 materials variations.


We are on sale :slight_smile: Assetsville Town is now 20% untill Apr 10!