[ASSETS][Released] Asset Pack - Underground Bunker/Prison Pack

Hi guys,

EDIT: Now released!! Available on the marketplace:…son-props-pack
EDIT: New official product support thread started:…son-props-pack

Creating this thread as a central communication point for a new asset pack I’m creating to add to the market place. Nothing to show yet.

Theme: Underground Bunker/Prison

Current stage: Research and Reference

General description: Modular pack to contain large, medium and small assets, to be able to create a base scene of a bunker/prison theme. User should be able to create a basic environment with wall pieces and other such basic environment assets. User should be able to fill created environment with generic, reusable assets. The then can flesh the level environment out with their own, unique assets. Pack should contain around 20 assets.

Price target: Price should target indie/solo developers

Software: Blender/Substance/Gimp/UE4

So I’ve just done a very rough block-out to give myself an idea of what assets are going to be in the pack.


So we’ve got some wall/ceiling elements which will have piping/wiring pieces. Pieces to make up vault cages etc. And some medium sized assets which consist of some furniture. I’m thinking for the small scatter assets, this will be stuff like light fixtures and random debris etc

First set of assets to go towards this content pack: Vault cages:

First of the medium assets. Basic chair:

Basic table:

More assets added:

Looks really awesome! Hope I can use this once in a project!

Cheers buddy! :slight_smile:

Looking good so far man, when are you aiming for release?

Cheers dude! I’m hoping to wrap this up within 1 to 2 weeks! I’ll keep posting here with updates! :slight_smile: I’ve already drafted all the boring product descriptions and stuff, so hopefully I won’t have to spend too much time on the boring admin side of things once I actually finish the set!

Nearly finished creating the wall segments. I think I’ve decided to not create a unique material for them. I’ve specifically UV mapped them so they work well with materials found in the engine (Start content/marketplace). I may make one, we’ll see. I need to make a door frame, remaining ceiling pieces and unique doors. Overall, I think I need to create a few more medium assets and then a handful of small scatter assets. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see, please let me know!

Edit: I would like to ask something about texture size. I’m using substance painter, so it’s pretty easy for me to export textures at whatever size. So far I have just been using what I feel is necessary, but would buyers actually just like all the textures in 4K, and then you are able to down scale to you own requirements?

Mad good work on modelling and texturing the wall details. Just got the straight segment at the moment, but I’m going to make segments that go around the corners:

So I’ve made the decision to axe the modular wall pieces. They really weren’t up to the same quality as the other assets. The other reason being, the way I had designed them, meant they snapped very strangely together, and didn’t work with the other assets. I want to keep nice high standards, so I’d rather cut/redo the stuff I’m not happy with, than release a poor quality product. I may redo the mod wall pieces, but it can be quite time consuming creating tileable assets. I might just keep the focus on creating more of the quality plopable assets, as shown in the image :slight_smile:

Now released!! Available on the marketplace:…son-props-pack