Assets referenced in memory still after restarting editor & Can't Be Deleted?

I’m trying to delete some old level maps & some folders, but even after restarting the editor on a blank level, I’m being told the assets are still being referenced in memory somehow? Could someone explain what is going on and how to fix this, please? I don’t want to possibly ruin anything by forcing to delete them, it doesn’t usually work if I try to force delete something anyway and will just crash the editor. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I figured out how to fix it for levels by opening the levels and deleting everything in them and then saving them, however I don’t know how to fix it for other assets for instance, I try to delete what looks like an empty folder(which I’ve already fixed up redirectors in) and it won’t delete it, there isn’t even any error message.

Bumping this as just recently I found a possible workaround for this, which seems to work for me: after completely clearing every asset reference, I was left with one memory reference for my asset. I tried clearing the undo history, tried switching levels, then ultimately tried restarting editor, all to no avail (the official docs suggests here that a possible fix is to close all other editor windows then restart, but this also didn’t work for me).

What finally worked for me was to right-click the asset that I wanted to delete, then choose Asset Actions → Reload. After doing this, attempting to delete it would present me the “normal” delete screen, with no warnings or “force delete” button.
I tested it a couple more times on some other memory referenced assets and the trick still seemed to work.