Assets/Plugins/Tools for UE4 legal question

Did you use UE4 to make the items for sale?

If you sell original content (Materials, Models, Animations, Textures…), and other content to develop games in your website for example, and that content is ready for UE4 and setup to work with UE4 and you give an example project for example with all original content, then you need pay to Epic something % ?

Including here plugins too created for UE4.

The developer that created the content and sell the content in their web, need to pay Epic ?

I don’t know that I understand your answer. I’m asking if you used UE4 to create the original content for sale (materials, models, animations, textures)? If the answer is yes, then a royalty is due.

Unless you sell on our Marketplace where no royalty is due.

Well, basically you make 20 textures and the textures need the materials.

Yes - if you’re creating a Product in the engine, you owe a royalty.

Okay then if you create textures in Gimp for example and then use the textures with materials in engine, you need pay Epic the 5%, true ?

One sub question here, if you sell one of this in your web but you need login with a Epic Games account before buy (to allow you buy and unlock) then the EULA exclude the royaltie in that case ?

However, no royalty is owed on the following forms of revenue:
4. Revenue from a Product which is only Distributed to Engine Licensees (such as through the Marketplace);

This is a good question. The provision you list is indeed the case, but the tricky part is only distributing to UE licensees. The Marketplace and GitHub UE Network are sure bets. Your suggestion though - I’m not sure it’s technically possible because how would you be able to verify Epic account login?

Well I’m just Epic’s lawyer so I’ll leave that question to the dev side.

Yeah that should need support from Epic Games side with something like this other option can be in someway check the email and account name but that can’t be automatic. There are websites using a reverse engineer Epic Games accounts data, but the best and the correct way should be support from Epic.