Assets often break when imported to open project

Assets which are added to a project in UE 4.14, break in various ways.

Case A
For instance the FaunWarrior from the market store breaks his PhysX cloth when migrated from a 4.13 to a 4.14 project. Asset not yet upgraded.

Case B
The OldVillage pack from the market breaks all assigned mesh arries from the Blueprint folder when content was imported to an open project.

Probably affects all PhysX models, and they are rare.

While Case B can be circumvented with importing while the target project is not open, the PhysX asset breaks in both cases.

I can confirm the cloth sim error has been happening to all my characters (using apex cloth simulation) in 4.14, I’ve tried updating my maya physx plug-in and re exporting the clothing asset and the meshes into unreal, but the issue remains.

Also just to clarify the error seems to be that simulated vertexes with 0 weight (so they just deform from skinning) are sticking to the world origin for some reason.

Noticed there is a new feature for Apex clothing, see the news here, and the option is in the mesh panels, 4.14 Released! - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums!

Ignore this comment, if you’re already aware.

Are both of you using marketplace assets?

If so, please try contacting the creator and if they cannot resolve the issue, please email

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