Assets not showing in Editor

I wanted to clean up my project so i moved and deleted some files but the ones i moved (not in UE4 but Explorer) aren’t shown in the UE4 Editor. I can see them in the explorer as .uasset files but the editor won’t show em.
Thanks for your time :smiley:

Have you tried re-importing them?

You broke the connection by doing that. You can delete you saved and intermediate folders then re open the project. It will force unreal to recompile the whole project folder and set the locations of everything. Next time do it in editor =)

I downloaded animations in the form of a UE project from a Udemy course and have the same problem. I deleted the saved and intermediate folders and it didn’t fix anything.

Is there anything else i can try? Ive tried every method i know of to bring the animations from the windows explorer view of his project into my project but they all failed.

Please help