Assets not migrating correctly

I’ve bought a landscape asset off the market place that I plan on using in my project I’m working on. When the asset is created in its own project, all the materials and textures are visible.

When the asset is migrated over to my main project, it appears all white. Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?


Make sure both projects are sharing similar project settings.
Your issue could be linked to color management, Substrate on things like that.

Also make sure that your migrating not to a project that is using an older version of the Engine ( ex: don’t try to migrate something that has been made on 5.4, to 5.3 ).

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It may be the exposure setting, in the post process volume.
Try tweaking the min and max values. Apparently this is an issue that occurs when maps made in older versions of the engine are run on versions later than 5.3.
(credit to Gamesfromscratch for this solution)

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This definitely did the trick! Also lowering the brightness on the directional light was more of an icing on the cake. All in all, thank you for the help!!

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