Assets not in the Asset Browser

Hello Everyone : ),
at the moment i m working on animations.
I just began.
But…i don’t see my animations in the Browser to choose:

But i got more…how can i add them?


Maybe you clicked on this icon and hid some of the animations.


Thank you, but this dont help. Here are my Options Shoe/Hide and View options:


The CheckButtons i can’t activate in the View Options

Are any filters applied by chance?

Where should i look at? I searched allready

You are only shown the animations that are compatible with your skeleton. So maybe the issue is that you are trying to use animations made for one skeleton on another skeleton. In UE4 to be able to use an animation on multiple skeletal meshes, they need to share the same skeleton. If they do not, then you might be able to retarget your animations from one skeleton to another. However, in order to do this, the skeletons have to have the same, or very similar, bone heirarchy. It helps if they name all the bones exactly the same way and they have the same bones but in some cases it will still work even if you have extra bones. So for example, if the two skeletons are the same except that one has extra bones for a pony-tail or a weapon, they will probably work okay. But if you say have extra neck or spine bones, it isn’t going to work.

Look in the documentation for Animation retargeting, if you want to try to get animations from one skeleton to another. It isn’t really for beginners though, as if your rest pose is different for the animations (say one is in T-pose and the other is in A-pose), then is can get a bit tricky. And be careful, back up your project before you try it because retargeting can sometimes ruin your source animations too.

Otherwise, there is a free Animation Starter Pack on the marketplace where you can get a lot of ground movement animations that are all compatible with the mannequin. Or there is a Mixamo Animation Pack.

Hope that helps.

Yes, its helps!
Thank you!
I will try to retarget : )
Yes this is the problem i think here, too now