[ASSETS] Inventory. Hack and slash style.

I apologize for poor English

Version 171 - Download v4.24

-I have implemented all standard inventory functions.

  • Character bag, character equipment, stores and chests just like in an rpg game.

  • I introduced 8 characters, a team can have a maximum of 5 characters

  • I didn’t add physical objects because I didn’t want to litter the project. Imagine it this way: clicking a store or crate is like approaching a physical object and interacting with it. It’s just so fast that you can check if everything works as it should.

  • I added slots for saving and loading the game.

  • Two languages ​​are available: English and Polish. To switch the game language, click the “Eng” or “PL” button on the upper central bar.

  • To add a character to the team: click the “List C” button (top central bar) then the “char” tab. To remove a character from the team, click “X” on the character avatar (bottom central bar).

  • Each character in the team has their own equipment and backpack.

  • Backpacks are interchangeable. To change the backpack in the currently active character from the team: click the “List C” button (upper central bar) then the “bag” tab On the left you can add more backpacks (imagine that these are physical objects on the map) on the right: there is a list available backpacks that can put on a character.

  • Inactive buttons mean that this backpack is used by some character.

  • If you remove the backpack from the character, the items remain in it.

  • Clicking the left mouse button on the object: causes the object to be lifted from the slot, and to start dragging the object.

  • While dragging the item, clicking the right mouse button returns the item to the slot from which the item was taken. (if there is already any item in the socket: the item will not be retracted)

  • The dragged item can be dropped on the upper half of the character’s avatar: this will transfer the item to the backpack of the selected character. Fast transfer of items between characters is possible provided that the selected character has space for the item.

  • By clicking the right mouse button on the object, the object is quickly moved from:
    Character Equipment -> a chest
    Chest -> character equipment
    Character Equipment -> store (the item is being sold)
    Store -> Character inventory (buying an item)

  • Items can only be sold by quickly moving the “left mouse button”.

  • Stack objects: can be separated by: holding the left shift and then clicking the left mouse button.

  • The inventory / bag and shop window can be dragged (hold down the left mouse button for 2 seconds +).

Short description of the function.

Change size slot, clor slot. Add container[SIZE=12px] (bag, chest, shop)

I hope it will be useful to someone.

I am open to suggestions. Thx.

[USER=“290035”]Grzegorz S[/USER]

Thanks for sharing! Its always interesting to see how other devs do things. As regards suggestions:

1.The biggest drawback for most inventories floating around (freebies on here / freebies on YouTube / freebies on marketplace / paid-products on marketplace), is that few work with a Gamepad, or work well with a Gamepad at least.

  1. The other suggestion if this doesn’t depend on features in 4.24, is to offer a version for older engine versions, as the engine isn’t that stable right now and not everyone wants to update. So if its possible to backport the inventory system to older versions devs might appreciate it (including me:p). Plus many shop sold rigs come with minimal SSD’s, so there’s not enough space for multiple engine versions anymore versus rigs with HDD’s sold when UE4 first shipped. :mad:

BTW: Your English (or translator app) is solid, nice work! Cheers!

Truth I will try to add it.

Thanks for the hint. I will move it to the older version.

Haha :smiley:

Reserved for FAQs… haha

Hi Grzegorz! I have for about 2 weeks now looked for a tutorial to make an inventory that acts just like what this one is doing (multi-volumed/slot, jigsaw or whatever you want to call it hehe). But I have yet to find anything that is remotely close and then I finally found this project of yours. The thing is… I’m not trying to create a action RPG and a lot of this inventory system is just way too much for me hehe.

I’m super interested in just the actual player inventory itself: Being able to move multi-slot items around without bugs like accidentally overlap them etc etc. I’m making a first person horror game and I want to have a more limited RPG-like inventory so that the realism of having to manage your backpack is a vital part of the experience.

I downloaded your project and the second I opened it I knew this was way too complicated for me to understand…

I’m asking for help now because I don’t know where I should go from here. You don’t happen to have a much simpler version of that inventory system lying around, do you…? Like, I would love it if it was just the players inventory (not the armor-, weapon slots etc above the inventory). I’m begging you for help and I know this is a lot to ask. It would make a random individual very happy!

Either way: This is an amazing free asset that you’re giving away! It’s incredible if you’re making a RPG Hack n Slash game!

Write me an email, and write in points what you want to add and what to delete. Add screenshots to to make it more clear.
Sometimes I answer with a long delay.

This is very Useful lots to take in but slowly figuring everything out. wish you could get more people to see this it is a really cool free tool.

Is this Multiplayer/Replicated?